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Princess Girl Fashion Castle


Have you ever wanted to be a princess and live in a beauty castle? You dream came true with this game for girls! Create and dress your princess and make dance to the music! The best game of princesses of all time is here!Do not forget to choose your puppy and change color .. I choose well.
Enter the exclusive salon to create and customize your own taste like! Choose your hair style, your eyes, your clothes and even your pet.The puppy will look at you with awe and envy you.
Create your favorite beautiful girl of all time! What will?
Everything in this game for girls
Inside the castle you can bathe your princess, youll have your own flower garden where you can customize an infinity of different ways with different colored flowers.
Use your creativity to design your garden in incredible combinations. When youre done, take a picture of your beloved castle or room to keep forever and share it with your best friends! You can take photos from the gateway of the castle or the garden.
Retrieves all the magic, fantasy and enjoyment of the princess and her adorable pets.
• Countless combinations for your wrist.
• Many models of flowers
• incredibly beautiful artwork
• Designed for people of all ages, from children to adults
• cute dolls, puppies. Choose your pet.
• You can also bathe your pet with the wrist.
Live this fairy tale! Play this game for fun girls now in their castles and your Princess!
Remember! This game is a free game 100%.